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'sup dudes

So, I created a blog for all of my sewing and crafting and stuff. And do help promote/motivate me to expand my etsy.

It's pretty empty right now, obviously, but I promise that it will have content soon, and relatively often. It would mean a lot to me if you checked it out (and maybe followed me so that I didn't look like such a loser, lol)


Obviously, my LJ will still be here, but it will be for all of my whining/contemplation/stuff that doesn't pertain to Alchemy Tea.

I hope that I have time for it. Blegh. I have no time for anything anymore. I barely have time for myself. But somehow I have had the time to bust some things out on my sewing machine. I think because it's necessary for work, and because a large part of networking at work is sewing night.

Anyway. Life is busy, and I am trying to find/make time to nurture myself, and this new blog is part of that.
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I WILL NOT buy any more lolita clothes.

I SHOULD NOT buy any more normal clothes.

I WILL NOT play with my new screen printing kit until Friday Evening.

I WILL NOT start a blogspot until I have something to put on it.

I WILL start making interesting and quality pieces to put on Etsy.

I WILL NOT freak out because I am attempting to have everything I want in life.

I WILL pass all of my classes, and make achieving that my TOP priority.

I WILL have the discipline to achieve all of this.
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My housemates downstairs are talking about how smart they are again.

And by that I mean that they are regurgitating opinions that the media tells them that they should have, and then congratulating each other for having such enlightened opinions.
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First sentences of 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Yay! 2010! We made it!!!!!

Good times to go to the gym: Mondays and Fridays 9:30am

So on monday I used the adductor machines for the first time (they're those rather kinky-looking thigh machines...) and I thought I was doing a good job with them.

FIRST OFF! I would like to mention that the ad playing on the screen right now is for a take-home DNA paternity test. LOL. What are you trying to say LiveJournal???

So, I do believe that last time I posted, I was thinking of asking The Boy Ben on a date-ish.

As many of you know Fanime was this weekend!

He said "come home babe. I miss you :/"

didn't post/send this in, but I wish I had!!! LOLOLOL <3

No posts recently because I've been busy and my life has been going really well, and it's boring to blog about the good stuff sometimes, lol.

a) I will hopefully get my car (blue, 2006 Ford Focus Sedan) on Tuesdayyyyyyyy!!!!
I am so excited, lol, and so apparently is Ben.

I'm beginning to realize that I can't have my cake and eat it too.


I only made one post all December!!!

I had a good New Year's Eve! I went to a party with ben, got drunk, and fun was had by all.

1) Be less stressed. I spend too much of my time overcomplicating and stressing out. Things are what they are.

2) Keep my promise to myself to go to the gym. I did good in 2010, but once Fall quarter hit, I had less time to work out. Winter quarter will allow me more time for the gym, and I have to use that time wisely, which shouldn't be that hard. I know I can do it, I just have to keep-on doing it.

3) follow through with more of my artistic endeavors. I need to tackle and finish more large sewing projects, and this year I want to finish some top-quality cosplays. I want my steampunk outfit to be AWESOME. This means making more pieces, and making-better the ones I have. I get closer and closer, but it's time to get more ambitious. Also, I'm tossing around the idea of doing Amy Pond at WonderCon, and Yomako Sensei by Fanime. Yoko by the end of the year. Money isn't holding me back anymore, laziness shouldn't either.

4) Be more social! I really need to make more friends in Santa Cruz, I'm not super close to anyone here besides Ben, and he can't be my only social scene. I'm making friends with people at work, but most of them are older/vastly different from me, so we can only really be as close as co-workers are expected to be. Also, I'd like to see my existing friends more often. I need to make time to go to SF/over the hill more often for meet-ups and such.

I guess that's about it!
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(no subject)

oh, okay, wow. So I'm looking at Grad schools for plant science programs with an emphasis on plant breeding and/or genetic alteration, and it looks like CSU Fresno has a really good program (I'm considering places like COrnell to be out, lol)

I don't fancy living in Fresno, but I think I could survive two years.
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Bad news :/

I'm beginning to realize that I can't have my cake and eat it too. If I try to balance work, my relationship with ben, school and my social life, one of them is going to falter because ill be over capacity both in time and energy. Right now school is faltering, and frankly, that's just unacceptable. And even though my social life is basically non existant right now, I think I'm going to have to give up on it entirely if I want to maintain my gpa. Which means that I'm probably going to have to pass on going to PMX after all :(

I have that weekend off work, but I think I'd better send it reading and catching up on material than taking the time to drive down to LA on my own dime. I'm failin two of my classes right now (although I'm excelling in my third, which I thought was going to be my problem class). I hate not being able to see my friends in the Lolita community, but failing two classes is just absurd. This hermione is turning into Ron :/ pmx was really just an excuse to go down an see my SoCal friends, and while I'll be passing up that opportunity, there will be other times and places when we will all be in the same place, so I just can't justify it.

Plus, ben and I have very conflicting work schedules, and maybe the time off will allow him and I to spend some quality daylight hours together.

I hate to make sacrifices like this, but I just can't balance this many plates :(

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Fuck man, Halloween at a fabric store! And I don't even really like Halloween!!! But as crazy as it's been, and as bitchy as last minute costume shoppers (and quilters!!!!) can be (and it's just going to get worse this weekend), is as much as I love my job.

It's seriously the best. My co-workers are awesome, our customers are (generally) awesome, our fabrics are awesome, the perks are awesome, and I'm having fun.
Lol, and I even think I broke through to my boss today. He laughed with me and made a joke at his own expense, which was nice, and I feel a lot less intimidated by him now.

But with mid-terms and working constantly I have had no time to breathe! I have this Friday off from work and school, and I am going to have some "me" time. Which means that I am going to be making myself a raincoat.

So.... I GOT A CAR! It's a blue, 2006 Ford Focus. It's the TARDIS.
It's awesome, basically, but I kind of hate driving :/ I just don't find it fun... a least in-town. I like freeways because even though everyone is going at fast speeds, there is order and movement and of course no cross-traffic to worry about. In Santa Cruz, the drivers and the streets are CRAY CRAY

So I've been making Ben drive, but the other day he was on his way from my house to my work, and he ran over something that gave him (me?) a flat, and the tire was basically destroyed, so I have to get a new one T_T bummer

Also, I got the time off work to go to PMX, but I'm not sure what I'm doing for lodging yet...